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Inclusive caches are commonly used by processors to simplify cache coherence. However, the trade-off has been lower performance compared to non-inclusive and exclusive caches. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we show that the limited performance of inclusive caches is mostly due to inclusion victims—lines that are evicted from the core caches to(More)
To A my iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS At the end of my graduate student career, I am nearly overwhelmed by three diierent feelings: exhaustion, relief and gratitude. I will merely acknowledge the rst two, but want to elaborate a bit on the third. My thesis advisor, Wendy Lehnert, has provided guidance and support throughout my w ork on this dissertation. Time and(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS So many people have contributed to my growth during my work on this thesis that I am sure I will not remember to name them all. My advisor Andy Barto has been a boundless resource, giving me much needed freedom while also providing superb guidance about interesting research areas. I have beneetted tremendously from his wide ranging(More)
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