Malinda Wheeler

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Gonadal as well as stress hormones have recently been implicated in pathophysiology and sex differences in onset, prognosis and treatment of schizophrenia. The present study investigated the effects of serum levels of oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol on neuropsychological functioning and psychopathology in a group of 37 patients (17 women,(More)
Conservative estimates indicate that 18-25% of women in the United States will be exposed to some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. A great number of these women will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The current study explores the relationship between emergency contraception (EC) administration and subsequent post-traumatic stress(More)
OBJECTIVES The intermittent and constant osteoarthritis pain (ICOAP) questionnaire was developed to assess two forms of pain reported by people with osteoarthritis: intermittent and constant pain. Studies examining its measurement qualities have provided some support for its use as separate and total scales. However, it has not been previously evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND In mice, androgens downregulate Th2 cytokine responses, but whether androgen levels during pregnancy might influence the development of allergy in the offspring has not been studied. METHODS In the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), a population-based birth cohort of 14 541 pregnancies, we related maternal blood total(More)
OBJECTIVES There is wide variation in the severity of climacteric symptoms and we hypothesized that this could be a reflection of premenopausal hormone levels. METHODS As part of a long-term cohort study of endocrine risk factors for breast cancer, blood had been collected between 1986 and 1990 from 1882 premenopausal women aged >or=35 years.(More)
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