Malina D. Doynova

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Chromosome Conformation Capture techniques regularly detect physical interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear DNA (i.e. mito-nDNA interactions) in mammalian cells. We have evaluated mito-nDNA interactions captured by HiC and Circular Chromosome Conformation Capture (4C). We show that these mito-nDNA interactions are statistically significant and(More)
The spatial organization of eukaryotic genomes facilitates and reflects the underlying nuclear processes that are occurring in the cell. As such, the spatial organization of a genome represents a window on the genome biology that enables analysis of the nuclear regulatory processes that contribute to mammalian development. In this study, Hi-C and RNA-seq(More)
We can now sequence and identify genome wide epigenetic patterns and perform a variety of "genomic experiments" within relatively short periods of time-ranging from days to weeks. Yet, despite these technological advances, we have a poor understanding of the inter-relationships between epigenetics, genome structure-function, and nutrition. Perhaps this(More)
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