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Cellular processes can only be understood as the dynamic interplay of molecules. There is a need for techniques to monitor interactions of endogenous proteins directly in individual cells and tissues to reveal the cellular and molecular architecture and its responses to perturbations. Here we report our adaptation of the recently developed proximity(More)
The activity of proteins is typically regulated by secondary modifications and by interactions with other partners, resulting in the formation of protein complexes whose functions depend on the participating proteins. Accordingly, it is of central importance to monitor the presence of interaction complexes as well as their localization, thus providing(More)
An essential skill for every researcher is to learn how to select and apply the most appropriate methods for the questions they are trying to answer. With the extensive variety of methods available, it is increasingly important to scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques prior to making a decision on which to use. In this article, we(More)
The vascular endothelial growth factors VEGFA and VEGFC are crucial regulators of vascular development. They exert their effects by dimerization and activation of the cognate receptors VEGFR2 and VEGFR3. Here, we have used in situ proximity ligation to detect receptor complexes in intact endothelial cells. We show that both VEGFA and VEGFC potently induce(More)
Improved methods are needed for in situ characterization of post-translational modifications in cell lines and tissues. For example, it is desirable to monitor the phosphorylation status of individual receptor tyrosine kinases in samples from human tumors treated with inhibitors to evaluate therapeutic responses. Unfortunately the leading methods for(More)
The cost of developing new drugs is a major obstacle for pharmaceutical companies and academia with many drugs identified in the drug discovery process failing approval for clinical use due to lack of intended effect or because of severe side effects. Since the early 1990 s, high throughput screening of drug compounds has increased enormously in capacity(More)
Knowledge about the total human genome sequence now provides opportunities to study its myriad gene products. However, the presence of alternative splicing, post-translational modifications, and innumerable protein-protein interactions among proteins occurring at widely different concentrations, all combine to place extreme demands on the specificity and(More)
Platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR) signaling has been implicated in the pathogenesis of glioblastomas and represents a target for the tyrosine kinase inhibitor imatinib. To examine the prognostic or predictive role of PDGFRs in recurrent glioblastomas, expression was examined in tumor samples of 101 patients of CSTI571BDE40, a randomized trial(More)
Piperlongumine, a natural product from the plant Piperlongum, has demonstrated selective cytotoxicity to tumor cells and to show anti-tumor activity in animal models [1]. Cytotoxicity of piperlongumine has been attributed to increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cancer cells. We here report that piperlongumine is an inhibitor of the(More)