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BACKGROUND Animal studies have demonstrated an interaction between posture and the effect of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) on regional ventilation and lung blood flow. The aim of this study was to explore this interaction in humans. METHODS Regional lung blood flow and ventilation were compared between mechanical ventilation with and without(More)
Recently we challenged the view that arterial desaturation during hypergravity is caused by redistribution of blood flow to dependent lung regions by demonstrating a paradoxical redistribution of blood flow towards non-dependent regions. We have now quantified regional ventilation in 10 healthy supine volunteers at normal and three times normal gravity (1G(More)
Previous studies in humans have shown that gravity has little influence on the distribution of lung blood flow while changing posture from supine to prone. This study aimed to evaluate the maximal influence of posture by comparison of regional lung blood flow in the upright and head-down posture in 8 healthy volunteers, using a tilt table. Regional lung(More)
Supine subjects exposed to hypergravity show a marked arterial desaturation. Previous work from our laboratory has also shown a paradoxical reduction of lung perfusion in dependent lung regions in supine subjects exposed to hypergravity. We reasoned that the increased lung weight during hypergravity caused either direct compression of the blood vessels in(More)
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