Malika D Shah

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A total of 17 patients, ages 3 weeks to 14 1/2 years, had 20 esophageal strictures develop after repair of esophageal atresia (9 strictures); primary gastroesophageal reflux (3 strictures); Nissen fundoplication (4 strictures); epidermolysis bullosa congenita dystrophica (1 stricture); congenital esophageal stenosis (2 strictures); or colonic interposition(More)
The efficacy of enzyme-linked immuno-assay in the detection of IgG antibody against mycobacterium tuberculosis in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients suffering from tuberculous meningitis was measured in 50 children consecutively admitted to hospital. The controls were 15 cases of tuberculosis other than of the central nervous system; 24 cases of pyogenic(More)
Premature infants are a population prone to nutrient deficiencies. Because the early diet of these infants is entirely amenable to intervention, understanding the pathophysiology behind these deficiencies is important for both the neonatologists who care for them acutely and for pediatricians who are responsible for their care through childhood. This(More)
Twenty-three neurologically normal children with focal convulsions were studied with EEG and CT scan. Thirty-five per cent had an abnormal CT scan. Lesions of potential therapeutic significance were seen in 30 per cent of all scans. Abnormalities detected on CT scans were as follows: tuberculomas, five cases; acute infarct, one case; gliosis, one case;(More)