Malika Bessedik

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GCP is a well-known combinatorial problem that admits several generalisations from which the T-colouring (GTCP). Given a graph G and sets T of positive integers associated to the edges of G, a T-colouring of G is an assignment of colours to its vertices so the assigned colours distances do not exist in the associated set T. Since this problem is(More)
In this paper, we present a first ACO approach, namely ant colony system (ACS) for the graph colouring problem (GCP). We implemented two strategies of ACS for the GCP; construction strategy and improvement strategy. In construction strategy, the algorithm iteratively constructs feasible solutions. The phase of construction is carried out by a specific(More)
Graph coloring Problem is a well known problem from graph theory and admits several generalizations. The generalization we study in this paper is the T-Coloring. Given a graph G and a set T of positive integers associated to each edge of G, a T-Coloring of G is to assign one color to each vertex of G so the distance between the assigned colors does not(More)
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