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Extreme programming (XP) is a modern approach for iterative development of software in which you never wait for the complete requirements and start development. Security is usually unnoticed during early phases of software life cycle. In this paper, our main objective is to focus on security requirements at each phase of software life cycle. In this regard,(More)
In online social networks (OSN), users quite usually disclose sensitive information about themselves by publishing messages. At the same time, they are (in many cases) unable to properly manage the access to this sensitive information due to the following issues: i) the rigidness of the access control mechanism implemented by the OSN, and ii) many users(More)
Delegation of access control (i.e. transferring access rights on a resource to another tenant) is crucial to efficiently decentralize the access control management in large and dynamic scenarios. Most of the delegation methods available in the literature are based on the RBAC or ABAC models. However, their applicability can be hampered by: i) the effort(More)
  • Shanmuga Priya, P. D. Sheba Keiza Malarchelvi, +15 authors Alwyn Roshan Paris
  • 2017
Security is a serious problem in software development which when not taken into consideration, exploits vulnerabilities in software. Such security related problems need to be addressed as early as possible while building software. Security problems exist for many reasons. A major thing is that, software cannot resist security attacks. Software security(More)
I STATE that the present study, entitled Scenarios: Applications to Social Networks and the Cloud Daud for the award of the degree of Doctor, has been carried out under my supervision at I STATE that the present study, entitled " Ontology-based Access Control in Open Scenarios: Applications to Social Networks and the Cloud " , presented by for the award of(More)
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