Malik Hellal

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The inability to decouple Lewis acid catalysis from undesirable Brønsted acid catalysed side reactions when water or other protic functional groups are necessarily present has forced chemists to choose between powerful but harsh catalysts or poor but mild ones, a dichotomy that restricts the substrate scope of dehydrative transformations such as the direct(More)
An intramolecular palladium(0)-mediated α-arylation of ketones applied to the synthesis of various substituted tetracyclic indoles is reported. Most significantly, the efficiency of the transformation was enhanced by the use of monoligated Pd(0) complexes. This methodology was extended to double α-arylation of ketones using one-pot reactions with either(More)
A cocatalytic effect of nitro compounds is described for the B(C6F5)3·H2O catalyzed azidation of tertiary aliphatic alcohols, enabling catalyst turnover for the first time and with a broad range of substrates. Kinetic investigations into this surprising effect reveal that nitro compounds induce a switch from first order concentration dependence in Brønsted(More)
A four-step synthesis of tri- and tetracyclic 1,2-dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-ones via acylation of various substituted isatins with readily available N-Boc-protected aminoacids followed by an intramolecular aldol reaction and cyclization has been developed. The final products were obtained in moderate to excellent overall yields.
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