Malik Anas Ahmad

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Computer assisted electroencephalograph analysis tools are trained to classify the data based upon the “ground truth” provided by the clinicians. After development and delivery of these systems there is no simple mechanism for these clinicians to improve the system's classification while encountering any false classification by the system. So(More)
The affordance of independent learning is one of the most important advantages of computer simulators for surgical training. This advantage can get dull if the simulator does not provide the useful instructional feedback to the user and the instructor has to supervise and tutor the trainee while using the simulator. In fact the continued need of instructor(More)
Computer-assisted analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) has a tremendous potential to assist clinicians during the diagnosis of epilepsy. These systems are trained to classify the EEG based on the ground truth provided by the neurologists. So, there should be a mechanism in these systems, using which a system's incorrect markings can be mentioned and the(More)
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