Malgorzata Wyrwas

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The purpose of this paper is to present a necessary and sufficient condition for irreducibility of nonlinear input–output delta differential equations. The condition is presented in terms of the common left divisor of two differential polynomials describing the behaviour of the system defined on a homogenous time scale. The concept of reduction is(More)
Linear control systems defined on arbitrary time scales are studied. It is shown that the classical results on stabilization and detectability for linear continuous-time and discrete-time systems can be extended to systems on arbitrary time scales. These results depend on the exponential stability criteria, which are different for different time scales. The(More)
The leader-following consensus problem of fractional-order multi-agent discrete-time systems is considered. In the system, interactions between opinions are defined like in the classical Hegselmann– Krause models but the memory is included by taking the fractional-order discrete-time operator on the left-hand side of the nonlinear system. In the paper we(More)