Malgorzata Witko

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Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used for classification and prediction of enzymatic activity of ethylbenzene dehydrogenase from EbN1 Azoarcus sp. bacterium. Ethylbenzene dehydrogenase (EBDH) catalyzes stereo-specific oxidation of ethylbenzene and its derivates to alcohols, which find its application as building blocks in pharmaceutical industry. ANN(More)
Enzyme-catalyzed enantioselective reductions of ketones and keto esters have become popular for the production of homochiral building blocks which are valuable synthons for the preparation of biologically active compounds at industrial scale. Among many kinds of biocatalysts, dehydrogenases/reductases from various microorganisms have been used to prepare(More)
We present ab-initio density functional theory studies on the interactions of small biologically active molecules, namely NO, CO, O(2), H(2)O, and NO(2) (-) with the full-size heme group. Our results show that the small molecule-iron bond is the strongest in carbonyl and the weakest in nitrite system. Trans influence induced by NO binding to the(More)
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