Malgorzata Sumislawska

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The paper focuses on modelling and system identification of an air handling unit (AHU), which is part of larger heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system dedicated for clean room manufacturing. The aim is to use the model for subsequent control optimisation and further for control system design. The underlying physical relations of an AHU are(More)
The electric motor is the heart of the electric vehicle. It is crucial that any occurring faults are detected promptly so that a catastrophic failure is avoided. At the same time, deep knowledge of the degradation mechanisms is required to allow maximum performance at minimum cost. This paper focuses on this balance. Statistical results from measurements of(More)
Interturn stator short circuits can develop quickly leading to serious damage of an electric machine. However, degradation mechanisms of winding insulation material are not yet fully understood. Therefore, the main contribution of this paper is the analysis of the impact of thermal ageing on the electrical properties of the thin-film winding insulation. The(More)
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