Malgorzata Kluba

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The potential energy surface and the reaction pathway for the intramolecular hydrogen transfer in o-hydroxyaryl ketimines are characterized using DFT methods. Structural changes in the proton-transfer process in quasi-aromatic hydrogen bonding are described. A transition state and a state with a low proton-transfer barrier were studied in sterically(More)
Dimerization of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is crucial for initiating signal transduction. We employed raster image correlation spectroscopy to continuously monitor the EGFR monomer-dimer equilibrium in living cells. EGFR dimer formation upon addition of EGF showed oscillatory behavior with a periodicity of about 2.5 min, suggesting the(More)
Lifetimes of fluorescent states and their fluorescence intensities are strictly coupled and very sensitive to the environment of the fluorophores. The advantage of measuring lifetimes, next to intensities, comes from the fact that it can reveal heterogeneity and dynamic properties of this environment. In this way lifetime analysis can be used to(More)
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