Malgorzata Jakubowska

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We report the measurements of correlations between event-by-event fluctuations of amplitudes of anisotropic flow harmonics in nucleus-nucleus collisions, obtained for the first time using a new analysis method based on multiparticle cumulants in mixed harmonics. This novel method is robust against systematic biases originating from nonflow effects and by(More)
Optical study of the effect of the impurity content on the ferroelectric properties of Er3+ doped SBN glass-ceramic samples Controlled fabrication of single-walled carbon nanotube electrodes by electron-beam-induced oxidation Appl. Strong blue and red luminescence in silicon nanoparticles based light emitting capacitors Appl. Using metal nanostructures to(More)
The pseudorapidity density of charged particles, dN_{ch}/dη, at midrapidity in Pb-Pb collisions has been measured at a center-of-mass energy per nucleon pair of sqrt[s_{NN}]=5.02  TeV. For the 5% most central collisions, we measure a value of 1943±54. The rise in dN_{ch}/dη as a function of sqrt[s_{NN}] is steeper than that observed in proton-proton(More)
Measurements of charged jet production as a function of centrality are presented for p–Pb collisions recorded at √ s NN = 5.02 TeV with the ALICE detector. Cen-trality classes are determined via the energy deposit in neutron calorimeters at zero degree, close to the beam direction, to minimise dynamical biases of the selection. The corresponding number of(More)
We report on the inclusive production cross sections of J/ψ, ψ(2S), ϒ(1S), ϒ(2S) and ϒ(3S), measured at forward rapidity with the ALICE detector in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy √ s = 8 TeV. The analysis is based on data collected at the LHC and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 1.23 pb −1. Quarkonia are reconstructed in the dimuon-decay(More)
We report on the inclusive production cross sections of [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text](1S), [Formula: see text](2S) and [Formula: see text](3S), measured at forward rapidity with the ALICE detector in [Formula: see text] collisions at a center-of-mass energy [Formula: see text] TeV. The analysis is based on data collected at(More)
Polymer composites with nanomaterials such as graphene nanoplatelets and carbon nanotubes are a new group of materials with high application possibilities in printed and flexible electronics. In this study such carbon nanomaterials were used as a conductive phase in polymer composites. Pastes with dispersed nanomaterials in PMMA and PVDF vehicles were(More)
An enhancement in the electrical performance of low temperature screen-printed silver nanoparticles (nAg) has been measured at frequencies up to 220 GHz. We show that for frequencies above 80 GHz the electrical losses in coplanar waveguide structures fabricated using nAg at 350 °C are lower than those found in conventional thick film Ag conductors(More)