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The inability to see the fetus makes the assessment of fetal behavior difficult. To circumvent this problem we implanted a Plexiglas window in the left flank of the ewe. Fetuses were instrumented for measurements of sleep, breathing, and swallowing. Ten fetal sheep were studied on 32 occasions. Six fetuses were delivered through the window at term, and(More)
Earlier research suggests that diverse adolescent problem behaviors, such as substance use, school problems, early sexual intercourse, and delinquency, reflect a single underlying dimension of behavior. Data from an ongoing longitudinal study were used to examine this issue in a previously unexamined sample (N = 426) of preadolescent sixth-grade youth. Ss(More)
We randomly assigned 65 women who had been sexually abused by a father, stepfather, or other close relative to 1 of 3 treatment conditions: a 10-week interpersonal transaction (IT) group, a 10-week process group, or a wait list condition. Subjects were evaluated at pretreatment, posttreatment, and (if assigned to a group) a 6-month follow-up on measures of(More)
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