Malena Donato

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Distributional history of the South American endemic group Tristiridae was reconstructed applying DIVA. The results suggest that Tristiridae originated within an area currently represented by Puna and Patagonia. Three lineages split thence: one dispersed into Desert, a second one became restricted to Patagonia and a third persisted in the original areas.(More)
Chironomid larvae assemblages were investigated at seven sampling stations in relation to stream habitat type in the Challhuaco-Ñireco river system located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the North-Western part of Rio Negro Province, Argentina. A total of 2229 individuals were sampled and 43 Chironomidae taxa were recorded with Orthocladiinae (29)(More)
Activity N: Activity 2 Core Research and Development Work Package: WP3 Service Annotation and Reasoning Due Date: M12 Submission Date: 10/09/2009 Start Date of Project: 01/03/2008 Duration of Project: 36 Months Organisation Responsible of Deliverable: UIBK Revision: 1.0 Author(s): Barry Bishop Florian Fischer Pascal Hitzler Markus Krötzsch Sebastian Rudolph(More)
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