Malek Tabbara

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Development of new personal mobile and wireless devices for healthcare has become essential due to our aging population characterized by constant rise in chronic diseases that consequently require a complex treatment and close monitoring. Personal telehealth devices allow patients to adequately receive their appropriate treatment, followup with their(More)
About 500,000 elderly people in Switzerland suffer a fall each year. Thus medical attention and help are essential for these people, who mostly live alone without a caregiver. Only 3% of people aged over 65 in Switzerland use an emergency system. Personal telehealth devices allow patients to receive enough information about the appropriate treatment, as(More)
Background. Transvaginal ultrasound (TVU) in female patients with acute right lower quadrant (RLQ) abdominal pain is time and infrastructure intensive and not always available. This study aims to evaluate the role of TVU in these patients. Methods. Retrospective analysis identified 224 female patients with RLQ pain and TVU. Results. TVU revealed an(More)
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