Malek Chaabouni

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BACKGROUND Cirrhosis is rare in pediatrics. The children cirrhosis is particular by the ascendancy of biliairy cirrhosis and cirrhosis due to an innate error of metabolism and by the relative frequency of the cases where an etiological treatment is possible. However in developing countries, the children cirrhosis still put problems of etiological diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND The malnutrition of the infants could be explained by a delay of the growth and the perturbation of biological parameters. AIM To establish the nutritional profile of the Tunisian infant of less than two years. To specify the principal deficiencies and the possible origins of these deficiencies. METHODS In our transverse exploratory study,(More)
We have conducted a retrospective study about 8 infants having CLE and who were hospitalised for 11 years in the Pediatric department of Sfax university hospital (1989-1999). The average age of these patients having revealing symptoms ranges from birth to 8 months, with an average age of 2 months and 3 weeks. During the neo-natal period (< 1 month), the(More)
Cystic fibrosis was regarded a long time as exceptional in the Nord Africaine population and in particular in Tunisia what was at the origin of the ignorance of its various diagnostic and therapeutic aspects in our country. Nevertheless, with the development of the means of the diagnosis, several cases of cystic fibrosis were diagnosed these last years what(More)