Malcolm Stanford

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ABSTRACT Dothistroma needle blight is a serious foliar disease in Australian Pinus radiata plantations causing defoliation, decreased productivity and, in extreme cases, tree death. Conventional methods of monitoring forest health such as aerial survey and ground assessments are labor intensive, time consuming, and subjective. Remote sensing provides a(More)
e13050 Background: Immunovaccine Inc. (IMV) has developed a novel liposome-in-oil depot vaccine platform called DepoVax (DPX), which increases the potency of peptide-based vaccines. DPX-0907 is a DPX-based cancer vaccine, containing 7 HLA-A2 restricted peptides, designed to target antigens present in breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. The antigens(More)
Odd-Even effects on tribology of self assembled monolayers 2-3 Page Paper. IJTC2011-61150 -Leyla Ramin, Ahmad Jabbarzadeh, The university of Sydney, Sydney, NSW,Australia -We have conducted molecular dynamics simulations to study the frictional properties of alkanethiols on Au(111) surfaces, under various loading and shearing conditions. For alkanethiols we(More)
Abskact The development of a nuclear power system for space missions, such as the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter or a lunar outpost, requires substantially more compact reactor design than conventional terrestrial systems. In order to minimize shielding requirements and hence system weight, the radiation tolerance of component materials within the power(More)
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