Malcolm S . Mitchell

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We identified a novel 8.1-kb human melanoma gene, MG50, derived from subtractive hybridization with a squamous lung carcinoma cell line, LU-1. 6.8 kb containing an open reading frame were sequenced, and the structure of the encoded 1496 amino acid protein was deduced. With HLA-A2.1-transduced Drosophila cells as antigen-presenting cells, we identified six(More)
Our goal was to convert murine RM-9 prostate carcinoma cells in vivo into antigen-presenting cells capable of presenting endogenous tumor antigens and triggering a potent T-helper cell-mediated immune response essential for the generation of a specific antitumor response. We showed that generating the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I+/class(More)
PURPOSE To study distribution and toxicity of cytolytic T lymphocytes (CTLs) against a single melanoma epitope. PATIENTS AND METHODS CD8(+) T cells obtained by leukapheresis from 10 patients with disseminated HLA-A2.1(+), tyrosinase-positive melanomas were immunized in vitro against tyrosinase(369-377) (YMNGTMSQV). Drosophila cells transduced with(More)
Immunotherapy (biological therapy) comprises such things as active specific immunotherapy ("cancer vaccines"), nonspecific immunostimulation with cytokines, and the inhibition of suppressor influences exerted or elicited by the tumor. Just as cancer chemotherapy began with the use of single agents and evolved into combination therapy, so immunotherapeutic(More)
Forty-eight women with advanced metastatic carcinoma of the breast were treated with one of two combination chemotherapy regimens: 1) adriamycin and cyclophosphamide or 2) adriamycin, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil. The response rate in the two-drug treatment group was 50% and in the four-drug treatment group, 55%. The median duration of(More)
A patient with a pure seminoma presented with severe IgG-mediated warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Monoclonal IgM-kappa cryoglobulinemia and a biological false positive test for syphilis were also found. Treatment directed at both the seminoma and the hemolysis resulted in the complete disappearance of these antibodies. It is possible that these(More)
Inoculation of Moloney sarcoma virus into the medullary canal of the tibia in newborn Wistar-Lewis rats resulted in an initially localized osteosarcoma which usually metastasized to the lung and resulted in the death of the animal within four to five weeks. Tumor cells were grown in tissue culture and used as target cells in the assay of lymphocyte-mediated(More)