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Stabilization of long-term potentiation (LTP) is commonly proposed to involve changes in synaptic morphology and reorganization of the spine cytoskeleton. Here we tested whether, as predicted from this hypothesis, induction of LTP by theta-burst stimulation activates an actin regulatory pathway and alters synapse morphology within the same dendritic spines.(More)
We describe a prototype system (Poly-X) for assisting an expert user in modeling protein repeats. Poly-X reduces the large number of degrees of freedom required to specify a protein motif in complete atomic detail. The result is a small number of parameters that are easily understood by, and under the direct control of, a domain expert. The system was(More)
Mid-latency and long-latency auditory evoked responses were investigated in 27 patients with cluster headache who had a mean age of 38.7+/-9.7 years and who were free of pain at the time of testing. Twenty-five age-matched healthy persons served as controls. Latencies and amplitudes of corresponding responses (N100, P200, and P300) were measured. The(More)
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