Malcolm R. Irving

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The vast majority of the developed planning methods for power distribution systems consider only one objective function to optimize. This function represents the economical costs of the systems. However, there are other planning aspects that should be considered but they can not be expressed in terms of costs; therefore, they need to be formulated as(More)
In previous research by the authors of this paper [6] a novel Differential Evolution Algorithm (DEA) was applied directly to the DC power flow based model in order to solve the static Transmission Expansion Planning (TEP) problem. The DEA performed well with regard to both low and medium complexity transmission systems as demonstrated on the Garver six-bus(More)
A new robust estimator based on the concept of uncertainty in the measurements is developed in this paper. The uncertainty in the measurements is modeled via deterministic upper and lower bounds on measurement errors, which take into account known meter accuracies. Inequality constraints are constructed to model the uncertainty in the measurements. A(More)
–Short-term electricity price forecasting has become a crucial issue in the power markets, since it forms the basis of maximising profits for the market participants. This paper presents an extensive review of the established approaches to electricity price forecasting. It summarizes the influencing factors of price behaviour and proposes an extended(More)
This paper details the work conducted by the Brunel Institute of Power Systems into an Object Orientated framework for Power Systems Modelling, Analysis and Control. Based around a central OODBMS (Object Orientated Database Management System), the architecture provides a framework for the construction of analysis and control applications and the sharing of(More)
In the new competitive electricity supply industry, there is a renewed interest in algorithms that can provide savings in operation costs. An optimal scheduling of generators can provide substantial annual savings in fuel costs, but this highly constrained non linear mixed integer optimisation problem can only be fully solved by complete enumeration, a(More)
The presentation to the CIMug will fall into three main parts: 1/ Description of the problem-tracing resource genealogy to a particular power system model and managing name-identity coupling within a model repository scenario: Electricity network resources are frequently identified within different power systems by inhomogeneous names and identities due to(More)
⎯Economic dispatch with discontinuous cost functions is one of the main functions of power generation operation and control. Two major non-smooth fuel cost functions of units are; units with piecewise quadratic fuel cost functions and fuel cost functions with operating prohibited zones. An electrical power system must be operated most economically while(More)
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