Malcolm R Gordon

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Chiropsalmus sp. medusae collected in this study ranged from 3 to 71 mm diagonal bell width and displayed growth best described by the following equation size (mm) = 74.9 × exp (−exp(0.041 (time since metamorphosis (day) −35.6674))). Growth rates of up to 7 mm week−1 increase in diagonal bell width are theoretically possible, with animals able to reach(More)
Cubomedusae are considered to have superior swimming abilities compared to other pelagic cnidarians, yet many of the theories describing such behaviours are based on anecdotal evidence, sting records or opportunistic sightings, rather than quantitative data. Acoustic telemetry was used to document the movements of adult Chironex fleckeri medusae within both(More)
The toxicity of sized and characterized chrysotile, crocidolite, and amosite preparations obtained from Dr. K. R. Spurny have been evaluated using alveolar macrophage (AM) migration inhibition assays and viability tests. These results have been compared with asbestos samples obtained from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).(More)
Our data establish that migration inhibition factor (MIF) and migration enhancement factor (MEF) mutually neutralize the effect of each other in a concentration-dependent manner. The monosaccharides L-fucose and D-mannose were also shown to reverse MIF and additionally to stimulate alveolar macrophage (AM) migration in the absence of MIF. The specific(More)
Luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (CL) responses of alveolar macrophages (AM) from normal and Mycobacterium bovis BCG-vaccinated infant and adult rabbits were compared. AM from 1-, 7-, and 14-day-old normal rabbits exhibited much lower peak CL responses than did AM from 28- and 42-day-old normal animals as well as rabbits 2 to 3 or 5 to 6 months and 1 to(More)
The effect of selected monosaccharides on the random migration of normal adult rabbit alveolar macrophages (AM) was investigated. It was observed that 10 mM of L-fucose, L-galactose, or D-mannose stimulated AM migration 1.5-2.0 times. In addition, derivatives of L-fucose and D-mannose occupying the carbon-6 position such as L-fucosyl-lactose,(More)
PINDOX 8 has been identified as a chiral organocatalyst for the enantioselective ring-opening of cyclic meso-epoxides with SiCl(4) to produce chlorohydrins in up to 90% ee. The catalyst is most effective with saturated cyclic substrates containing more than seven carbon units.
Monoclonal antibodies (McAb), designated AMH1 (IgM, lambda) and AMH2 (IgG1, Kappa), against specific surface antigens of human lung macrophages were produced by the fusion of the NS-1 plasmacytoma cell line with spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with bronchoalveolar lavaged (BAL) cells obtained from selected smoking subjects. The screening and(More)