Malcolm Pumpa

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Current database technologies do not support contextualised representations of multi-dimensional narratives. This paper outlines a new approach to this problem using a multi-dimensional database served in a 3D game environment. Preliminary results indicate it is a particularly efficient method for the types of contextualised narratives used by Australian(More)
This paper challenges current practices in the use of digital media to communicate Australian Aboriginal knowledge practices in a learning context. It proposes that any digital representation of Aboriginal knowledge practices needs to examine the epistemology and ontology of these practices in order to design digital environments that effectively support(More)
This paper examines the role of Virtual Reality technologies (in particular, the Digital Songlines Environment), in the expression of a sustainable Aboriginal landscape knowledge base. The effectiveness of these new kinds of knowledge practice is framed by their sustainability and how they complement existing cultural knowledge practices. These issues of(More)
This paper reports on a project federally funded by the Australian CRC for interaction design (ACID). It investigates the use of a 3D game engine as a landscape metaphor for hosting Australian Aboriginal knowledge practices based on performed narratives. It communicates some recent findings. Central to these findings is the need to communicate a better(More)
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