Malcolm Macgregor

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This paper describes how we extended a module structure of the Smalltalk LearningWorks framework to provide a programming environment designed for very large scale technology transfer. The ‘module’ is what we have termed the LearningBook, a set of classes and persistent objects, including an HTML browser, programming and visualization tools, and(More)
when it is closed. The core image is never permanently We have exploited and adapted Goldberg’s LearningWorks changed; new classes are kept in LearningBooks. framework to produce an environment with new programming tools, visualization tools, and system simulations. The environment is designed to be used via plug-in modules, called LearningBooks, sets of(More)
This paper explores technical issues in the design of programming tools, development environments, simulations, code examples, user interface frameworks and pedagogies for a university-level course on object-oriented software development. The course, M206 ‘Computing: An Object-oriented Approach’ has been specifically developed for distance learning, and is(More)
The great cascade of medical articles about urinary infection at every age, which has marked the past decade, shows signs now of slackening. It is time to take stock. Among children it is realized how commonly urinary infection is accompanied by radiographic alterations of the kidney with a tendency to recurrences, and this has led to a minatory and at(More)
Incidence of the Disease Among childhood infections those of the urinary tract are second in frequency only to respiratory infections, and are the commonest bacterial infections under two years of age (Pryles, 1960; Deluca, Fisher and Swenson, 1963). The incidence of overt urinary infections in the general population is estimated at 8 per 1,000 per annum(More)
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