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Treadmill exercise testing identifies a group of men at high risk for coronary atherosclerotic heart disease. However, the predictive value and sensitivity limitations are obvious. An abnormal electrocardiographic response does not absolutely predict the presence of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, and a normal response does not rule out this(More)
Heat stroke is a complex clinical picture caused by extreme elevation of body temperature and is especially prevalent in hot climates. The danger of heat stroke has apparently always accompanied unacclimatized man on his way through arid zones, and was often the cause of man's fatal adventures in the desert. Large numbers of unacclimatized urban dwellers(More)
In 1997, Aedes albopictus (Skuse) was discovered in Peoria, IL, a known focus of La Crosse (LAC) virus transmission. This accidental introduction provided an opportunity to determine whether Ae. albopictus would reemerge in the spring or summer and, if successful overwintering occurred, to follow changes in the geographic range of Ae. albopictus, and to(More)
Iridoviruses have emerged over 20 years to cause epizootics in finfish and amphibians in many countries. They may have originated in tropical Asia and spread through trade in farmed food fish or ornamental fish, but this has been difficult to prove. Consequently, MCP, ATPase and other viral genes were sequenced from archival formalin-fixed,(More)
A simple three scale nomogram is presented to predict lean body mass in men from two anthropometric measurements: height and the circumference of the flexed biceps. The prediction equation used in constructing the nomogram was established from data collected on 198 USAF aircrewmen. Lean body mass was determined on these men by a standard tritium dilution(More)
A herpes-like virus was for the first time purified from abalone diagnosed with ganglioneuritis. Pleuropedal ganglia, pedal nerve cords, head and epipodial tissue was collected and homogenized from abalone populations exhibiting high mortality and clinical signs consistent with herpes-virus like ganglioneuritis. Following ultracentrifugation by sucrose(More)