Malcolm L. Heron

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Recent developments in the directionality of sea waves are reviewed and adapted into a working model for radiometric remote sensing. There is a weight of evidence, both theoretical and observational, that a bimodality exists in the directional wave spectrum for sea surface gravity waves at wavenumbers greater than the value at the peak of the spectrum. We(More)
The authors have developed a simulation system for a passive microwave radiometer using MATLAB and SIMULINK from The MathWorks, Inc. The system comprises a high-level block diagram simulation for a modern instrument, the Scanning Low Frequency Microwave Radiometer, or SLFMR. The hardware prototype SLFMR, which was designed to map sea surface salinity, was(More)
Over the last ten years, some operational airborne remote sensing systems have become available for mapping surface salinity over large areas in near real time. A new dualpolarized Polarimetric L-band Multibeam Radiometer (PLMR) has been developed to improve accuracy and precision when compared with previous instrument generations. This paper reports on the(More)
The Australian Coastal Ocean radar Network (ACORN) is a monitoring network of HF radars which are being installed around Australia under a National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). It is a five-year project, at the end of which there will be five pairs of radar stations and one triplet installed and operating, enabled by the central(More)
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