Malcolm J. Roberts

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Differences in the flexural strength of composites (P-30) repaired with four different adhesive techniques were determined and compared to the flexural strength of unrepaired specimens. Besides investigating the effects of differences in repair methods, both the effect of composite age at repair time and the effect of water storage on flexural strength were(More)
A commercially available multi-patient mass spectrometer based system [MPMS] has been evaluated for the measurement of metabolic gas exchange in artificially ventilated patients. The system automatically measures and displays oxygen uptake, (VO2) carbon dioxide output (VCO2) respiratory quotient (RQ) expired minute volume, (Ve) and the percentage(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate whether water storage causes permanent damage to composites by determining how the tensile strength of nine different composite materials changes with both water storage and water storage followed by dehydration. Eighteen samples (ASTM-D Specification 1708-66) of each of the nine materials were prepared and(More)
We have developed a technique for simulating artificially ventilated patients using a computer model of the respiratory system and have investigated its ability to predict the patient's response to alterations in the ventilation regime. The majority of those studied were in a stable condition following cardiac surgery. Predictions for PaO2 showed a(More)
Measurements of impression profiles, profilometer registrations, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) photogrammetry of metal dies simulating worn restorations were compared as possible techniques for measuring and recording the wear rate of tooth restorations. The results showed that measurements of impression profiles and SEM photogrammetry gave the(More)
Wear of composites can be estimated by the degree of marginal discrepancy between the prepared cavity wall and the occlusal margins of composites. Such evaluations are done on casts by comparing and rating the marginal discrepancy with those on standard casts. We analyzed the reliability of this technique on metal and stone specimens. These specimens(More)
Air-sea fluxes are a crucial component in the energetics of the global climate system. The largest air-sea fluxes occur in regions of high sea surface temperature variability, such as ocean boundary, frontal currents and eddies. In this paper we explore the importance of ocean model resolution to resolve air-sea flux relationships in these areas. We examine(More)
There is mounting evidence that resolving mesoscale eddies and western boundary currents as well as topographically controlled flows can play an important role in air–sea interaction associated with vertical and lateral transports of heat and salt. Here we describe the development of the Met Office Global Coupled Model version 2 (GC2) with increased(More)
12 Neuronal gamma-band synchronization shapes information flow during sensory and 13 cognitive processing. A common view is that a stable and shared frequency over time is 14 required for robust and functional synchronization. To the contrary, we found that non15 stationary instantaneous frequency modulations were essential for synchronization. First, 16 we(More)