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Wounding leaves or stems of Lactuca species releases a milky latex onto the plant surface. We have examined the constituents of latex from Lactuca sativa (lettuce) cv. Diana. The major components(More)
Monospecific rabbit antibodies have been prepared against ERp72, ERp99, and ERp60, major protein components of a detergent-solubilized extract of endoplasmic reticulum purified from mineral(More)
Reactive species formed from nitric oxide (NO) nitrate unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleate (LA) to nitrated derivatives including nitrolinoleate (LNO(2)). The effect of LNO(2) on human(More)
Rabbit antibodies have been prepared against ERp61, ERp59, and ERp49, three protein components of rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) purified from mineral oil-induced plasmacytoma 315 (MOPC-315)(More)
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