Malcolm J. Bond

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OBJECTIVE To conduct separate factor analyses of the Three Factor Eating Questionnaire (TFEQ-R, TFEQ-D and TFEQ-H) scales and provide initial evidence of the construct validity of the obtained solutions. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey with a 12 month retest of a subsample of subjects. SUBJECTS A total of 553 undergraduate university women with a mean(More)
A double-blind trial was carried out to determine the sensitivity and specificity of three commonly used pain provocation tests for sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The trial involved 40 patients, all of whom reported pain when they were subjected to each of the three tests. Half of the patients (20) had the symptomatic sacroiliac joint injected with 4 ml of(More)
The mechanism by which chronic caregiving stress results in poor health is not well understood. The objective was to determine whether such a mechanism may be allostatic load, a novel concept specifying physiological systems that may suffer cumulative wear and tear following chronic stress, leading collectively to poor health. The study examines the(More)
A new instrument for the measurement of life-style activities of the elderly is described. The Adelaide Activities Profile (AAP) was developed in response to the shortcomings of the Frenchay Activities Index. The AAP was validated on a random sample of 1799 people aged 70 years and over, living outside of institutional care. Principal components factor(More)
Recent work suggests that lifestyle can be considered using a 2 x 2 model of indoor/outdoor and work/leisure activities. This paper replicates the factor analysis of the Frenchay Activities Index (FAI) reported by Bond et al., using a group of subjects living independently in the community. Results confirmed empirically the existence of the four(More)
The keratometry and axial length readings of healthy eyes (405 subjects) and cataractous eyes (63 subjects) from a sample of Tigrinians living in the Eritrean capital of Asmara were obtained. All subjects were at least 40 years of age. The mean keratometry reading for healthy eyes was 43.37 diopters (SD +/- 1.61), while that for cataractous eyes was 43.57(More)
The objective was to investigate relationships between family conflict and the perceived communication of negative messages regarding weight and shape from mothers to daughters, and daughters' disordered eating symptomatology. A correlational study was conducted in which a questionnaire was completed by 315 women aged between 14 and 28 years. The sample(More)
Sweet's syndrome is a rare condition characterized by fever, leukocytosis, dense dermal infiltration of leukocytes, and painful indurated cutaneous plaques. We describe a 23-month-old male infant with the typical cutaneous manifestations of Sweet's syndrome and painful extremities that limited ambulation. Evaluation revealed multifocal sterile osteomyelitis(More)
BACKGROUND The World Health Organization has identified cognitive determinants of hand hygiene as an outstanding research question. This study investigated whether doctors' preferences for a rational thinking style or an experiential thinking style are associated with hand hygiene compliance. METHODS This was an observational study of hand hygiene(More)
BACKGROUND Successful adjustment following treatment for coronary artery disease is related to both psychological disposition and risk factor status. Consideration of the interplay between these variables is required to better acknowledge their relationship with health outcome. AIMS To determine the salience of self-efficacy and locus of control to both(More)