Malcolm Illingworth

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A total of 99 patients receiving adjuvant radiotherapy to the breast or chest wall were randomized to one of three washing policies: (1) not washing, (2) washing with water alone, and (3) washing with soap and water. Fifty-three of the patients were treated without the use of bolus, and 46 patients were treated using bolus for 10 to 15 of the 20 treatment(More)
OGSA-DAI provides an extensible framework that allows data resources to be incorporated into Grid fabrics. The current OGSA-DAI release, version 3.0, is a complete top-to-bottom redesign and implementation of the OGSA-DAI product. A number of fundamental conceptual and design changes are introduced in this release. In this paper we describe the motivation(More)
A timeline is presented which shows the stages involved in converting a bioinformatics software application from a set of standalone algorithms through to a simple web based tool then to a web based portal harnessing Grid technologies and on to its latest inception as a Cloud based bioinformatics web tool. The nature of the software is discussed together(More)
Developing software to undertake complex, compute-intensive scientific processes requires a challenging combination of both specialist domain knowledge and software development skills to convert this knowledge into efficient code. As computational platforms become increasingly heterogeneous and newer types of platform such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service(More)
Digital humanists have for many years been producing online editions of texts based on TEI XML, a widely-adopted standard for marking up textual resources with semantic content. More recently, the e-infrastructure community has been investigating virtual research environments (VREs), which integrate information resources and tools for supporting research(More)
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