Malcolm Haynes

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The three-dimensional structure of a catalytic antibody (1F7) with chorismate mutase activity has been determined to 3.0 A resolution as a complex with a transition state analog. The structural data suggest that the antibody stabilizes the same conformationally restricted pericyclic transition state as occurs in the uncatalyzed reaction. Overall shape and(More)
In this paper the outcomes from an honours project to design, build and control a self-balancing electric unicycle are presented. The design of the mechanical and electrical components is discussed, followed by a derivation of the dynamics of a generic unicycle. A linear control strategy to stabilise the unicycle is implemented on the physcial system and a(More)
Manual order picking is an important part of distribution. Many techniques have been proposed to improve pick efficiency and accuracy. Previous studies compared pick-by-HUD (Head-Up Display) with pick-by-light but without the explicit pick confirmation that is typical in industrial environments. We compare a pick-by-light system designed to emulate deployed(More)
Order picking accounts for over 50% of the annual $150 billion spent in warehouse operations in the United States. 80% of order picking is performed manually. We compare the industry default of unassisted paper-list picking and three techniques augmented with weight checking: pick-by-light, pick-by-HUD (head-up display), and a combination of light and HUD.(More)
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