Malcolm Harrison

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Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) were present on Whale Island (Moutohora), Bay of Plenty, New Zealand between about 1920 and 1987. During 1969-1971 they reduced by less than 10-35 % the breeding success of grey-faced petrels (Pterodroma macroptera gouldi), by eating unattended eggs and killing young or weak chicks. Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus), introduced(More)
The need for searching a space of solutions appears often. Many problems, such as iteration over a dynamically created domain, can be expressed most naturally using a generate-and-process style. Serial programming languages typically support solutions of these problems by providing some form of generators or backtracking. A parallel programming language is(More)
1 Abstract A widely recognised central tenet of New Labour's 'Third Way' is no rights without responsibilities. The extent to which this idea underpins the British government's approach to welfare reform has been extensively commented upon. Initially, the article places the UK reforms in the context of wider theoretical debates about welfare reform in(More)
Perhaps more than any other disease, malaria serves as a potent symbol of the struggle between humankind and the natural world. Scientific and technical advances-from Ross's identification of the malaria vector to the application of DDT during the Second World War-have promised much but have so far failed to provide any lasting solution to the devastation(More)
I welcome the fact that the NMC plans to cut down on the time - and heartache for nurses - involved in processing unnecessary investigations. I read that it is expected this will cut costs, but my colleagues and I are not hopeful of this, given the NMC's history.
In your article on pensions (news analysis January 19) it was stated: 'The pension provision for the married spouse... would be extended to cover same-sex partners.' I have seen only one reference to long-term heterosexual partners and would appreciate clarification. At the moment my partner and I feel pressured to get married simply for her to be eligible(More)