Malcolm Harrison

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The need for searching a space of solutions appears often. Many problems, such as iteration over a dynamically created domain, can be expressed most naturally using a generate-and-process style. Serial programming languages typically support solutions of these problems by providing some form of generators or backtracking. A parallel programming language is(More)
To my parents and v Acknowledgments This is a good opportunity for me to thank the people who have contributed to the thesis. It is difficult to imagine that I could complete my research work without the contributions of these people. I am greatly indebted to my research advisor, Jack Schwartz. He has been my mentor and motivator since I started to work(More)
iii Acknowledgements There is a phrase widely used in Chinese fortune-telling: " From southeast come people of great help. " In my limited life experience, helpful people seem to come from all directions. There are so many people who helped me in so many ways, the appreciation I can express on paper can only show the tip of the iceberg. First and foremost,(More)
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