Malcolm David Campbell

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The most controversial fishery in U.S. waters of the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) is for northern red snapper Lutjanus campechanus, which collapsed in the late 1980s when stock biomass became too low to be fished commercially in the eastern Gulf. Red snapper management began in 1989; the stock is now showing signs of recovery. The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management(More)
From 1986 to 1991, 74 consecutive hybrid total knee arthroplasties (in 65 patients) of a single design were performed at the authors' institution. Seven patients (eight knees) died with well functioning replacements during the surveillance period. One patient refused to participate in any followup efforts because of billing disputes. This left 65 total knee(More)
After an 11-day base line of behavioral observations, 24 chronic female schizophrenics were assigned to two groups matched for alertness. In the first treatment phase, the administration of phenothiazine medication of one group was switched from a multiple-dose schedule (three to four times per day) to a single daily administration, while the total dosage(More)
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