Malcolm Crowe

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Song and Bruza [6] introduce a framework for Information Retrieval(IR) based on Gardenfor's three tiered cognitive model; Conceptual Spaces[4]. They instantiate a conceptual space using Hyperspace Analogue to Language (HAL[3] to generate higher order concepts which are later used for ad-hoc retrieval. In this poster, we propose an alternative implementation(More)
The problem of 'information content' of an information system appears elusive. In the field of databases, the information content of a database has been taken as the instance of a database. We argue that this view misses two fundamental points. One is a convincing conception of the phenomenon concerning information in databases, especially a properly(More)
This paper reports on the COSMOS system which provides an integrated " COnstruction Sites Mobile Operations Support " solution by means of wireless networks as well as technical and business applications designed for mobile use. Since remote construction sites are often not easily reached by terrestrial communication paths, a satellite link is established(More)
Curvilinear Component Analysis (CCA) is a useful data visualisation method. CCA has the technical property that its optimisation surface, as defined by its stress function, changes during the optimisation according to a decreasing parameter. CCA uses a variant of the stochastic gradient descent method to create a mapping of data. In the optimisation method(More)