Malcolm B Berry

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The cDNA for soybean leghemoglobin a (Lba) was cloned from a root nodule cDNA library and expressed in Escherichia coli. The crystal structure of the ferric acetate complex of recombinant wild-type Lba was determined at a resolution of 2.2 A. Rate constants for O2, CO and NO binding to recombinant Lba are identical with those of native soybean Lba. Rate(More)
Herein we describe the application of a monolithic triphenylphosphine reagent to the Appel reaction in flow-chemistry processing, to generate various brominated products with high purity and in excellent yields, and with no requirement for further off-line purification.
The application of a monolithic form of triphenylphosphine to the Ramirez gem-dibromoolefination reaction using flow chemistry techniques is reported. A variety of gem-dibromides were synthesised in high purity and excellent yield following only removal of solvent and no further off-line purification. It is also possible to perform the Appel reaction using(More)
We have developed a general strategy for the synthesis of 2,5-syn disubstituted pyrrolidines that is based on the multi-faceted reactivity of the sulfone moiety and a 5-endo-trig cyclisation. This methodology was applied to the synthesis of indolizidine alkaloid monomorine I. Two factors were key to the success of this endeavour; the first was the choice of(More)
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