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Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in American men. The cancer could either be locally confined, or it could spread outside the organ. When locally confined, there are several options for treating and curing this disease. Otherwise, surgery is the only option, and in extreme cases of outside spread, it could very easily recur within a short(More)
We present a Bayesian approach to analyze matched "case-control" data with multiple disease states. The probability of disease development is described by a multinomial logistic regression model. The exposure distribution depends on the disease state and could vary across strata. In such a model, the number of stratum effect parameters grows in direct(More)
The thermodynamic parameters viz. the standard free energy (∆Gº), Standard enthalpy change (∆Hº) and standard entropy change (∆Sº) were determined using the obtained values of distribution coefficient (kd) of U (VI) in two different types of soils (agricultural and undisturbed) by conducting a batch equilibrium experiment with aqueous media (groundwater and(More)
In a typical case-control study, exposure information is collected at a single time point for the cases and controls. However, case-control studies are often embedded in existing cohort studies containing a wealth of longitudinal exposure history about the participants. Recent medical studies have indicated that incorporating past exposure history, or a(More)
The β-thalassemias and sickle cell disorders are a major health burden in India. Diagnosis and management of these disorders both in adults and in newborns using appropriate approaches and uniform technology are important in different regions of a vast and diverse country as India. In view of a National Thalassemia Control Program to be launched soon, a(More)
The role of p27(kip1) in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) has been well studied in relation to its function as a cell cycle inhibitor. However, its cytoplasmic function especially in CML remains to be seen. We studied the localization of p27(kip1) and its function during the progression of CML from chronic to blast phase. Our investigations revealed an(More)
(A) Specificity of phospho-p27 kip1 S10 antibody as demonstrated from the western blot. Two cell lines were chosen for this assay – K562 having majorly cytosolic p27 kip1 and AGS having majorly nuclear p27 kip1. Cells were subjected to sub-cellular fractionation and total p27 kip1 levels and phospho-p27 kip1 S10 was probed using respective antibodies in(More)