Malay Bajpai

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CYP2C9 is mainly responsible for the metabolic clearance of phenytoin and (S)-warfarin. We have shown previously that mutations in the CYP2C9 gene are associated with diminished metabolism of (S)-warfarin, and so we have now studied the metabolism of phenytoin to its primary inactive metabolite, (S)-pHPPH, by these mutant enzymes. Kinetic parameters were(More)
A model using SWV mice was developed to investigate the mechanistic basis of carbamazepine (CBZ)-related fetotoxicity. Drug administration was initiated prior to conception and continued until day 18 of gestation. The incidence of malformation was 33% following CBZ exposure (1,500 mg/kg/day), compared with a 5% incidence in pair-fed control animals (P <(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have suggested that polytherapy by design may aid in the management of human pregnancies complicated by epilepsy. However, mechanistic parallels must be drawn between the models of teratogenesis and human pregnancies, and doses of the second agent given to minimize side-effects must be justified. This study sought to determine the(More)
To determine pattern of liver disease in the paediatric age group. Materials and Methods: In the present study of 28 cases (including 5 postmortem biopsy), liver biopsy was done, out of which 24 cases could be diagnosed histologically .Slides were prepared from paraffin-embedded blocks, stained by routine H & E and special stains and were then reviewed. The(More)
Lipomas are the most common subcutaneous soft-tissue tumors of mesenchymal origin. The axillary region is an unusually reported localization for lipomas. Macrodystrophia lipomatosa is a rare cause of congenital macrodactyly, characterized by progressive proliferation of all mesenchymal elements, with a disproportionate increase in fibroadipose tissue. This(More)
Copper is a normal constituent of the diet and is present in all living matter. It is an important trace metal required for different metabolic processes. Detecting alterations in serum copper has an important role in the early detection and diagnosis of malignancy. Serum copper estimation was conducted on 95 women aged 32-60 using the P.P. Doxidase(More)
Osteoarthritis is major cause of morbidity and impaired quality of life among the elderly persons. The prolong use of NSAIDs in elderly, is required for constant relief of pain, but they are associated with adverse drug effects. Thus long term use of NSAIDs compromise with its safety profile.The present study was undertaken to evaluate the long term(More)
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