Malathi Balaji

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Changing customer requirements and technological imbalance force manufacturers to develop agile supply chain capabilities in order to remain competitive. Several companies have stressed on greener areas like flexibility and agility in order to respond to the unique needs of customers and markets. In order to measure the levels of agility and make(More)
In the continuously changing and demanding market environment, the product capabilities alone are insufficient to retain the market hold. Rather, the supply chain must also keep changing accordingly. This may in turn help the firm sustain the market with the old products. It is certain that when the innovation in the product is quite infeasible or not cost(More)
Wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) refer to a group of sensors and actors linked by wireless medium to perform distributed sensing and actuation tasks. In such a network, sensors gather information about the physical world, while actors take decisions and then perform appropriate actions upon the environment, which allows a user to effectively sense(More)
Books are the best friends of human beings and make them a rational animal. In this E-world our traditional books are losing their values. Recent surveys are proving that the younger generations are not much interested in visiting libraries and reading books due to their addiction towards the electronic gadgets. Many publishers are now changed their(More)
Informatics world digitizes the human beings, with the contribution made by all the industrial people. In the recent survey it is proved that people are not accustomed or they are not able to access the electronic devices to its extreme usage. Also people are more dependent to the technologies and their day-to-day activities are ruled by the same. In this(More)
Math is the backbone of any field. Still it’s a night mare for many. Recent survey proves that many students become dropouts from their higher education due to math courses. ICT is an enchanted word in the contemporary educational environment. It made the learning process more entertaining and almost made the “knowledge loss” negligible. Adopting the ICT in(More)
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