Malanda Ngoma

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A group of 30 black African patients and a group of 30 occidental patients, all presenting a hysterical structure, were compared with regard to clinical manifestations, provoking psychosocial stressors and histrionic personality traits. Cultural characteristics in several areas are discussed as possible explanations of the differences found.
Cognition has been studied extensively in schizophrenia in Western countries. Far less research is devoted, however, to cognitive functioning in brief psychotic disorder and schizophreniform disorder. Moreover, few studies have been performed in third world countries. In this study, we want to fill this gap by comparing the cognitive functioning of three(More)
In a retrospective study on twenty Zairese patients, presenting a hysterical personality structure, the different forms of decompensation have been described and classified according to the DSM III criteria. Even taking into account the inconstancy of hysterical manifestations and the use of criteria not adapted to the local context, some of the described(More)
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