Mala Ramanathan

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Caesarean section rates have been increasing worldwide, raising the question of the appropriateness of the selection of cases for the procedure. This paper examines the levels and correlates of delivery-related complications and caesarean section deliveries in 18 selected states of India in terms of specific maternal and institutional factors, using data(More)
Information on abortion is limited and inaccurate, especially in the developing world, which has led to speculation on the prevalence of abortion in these regions. A rise in prevalence of abortion is mostly counted in terms of increase in the prevalence of induced abortions which reflects on the reproductive health of women. With the growing concern for the(More)
This study analyses factors associated with the incidence of sterilization regret in the four south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Using data from the National Family Health Surveys, in all four states the incidence of regret was found to be less than 10% and the factors significantly associated with it were child loss(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS We examined data from a cohort of births that occurred in the period 2004-08 in the SEWA-Rural project area, covering a population of ∼175000, in Gujarat, India, to assess the trends and risk factors for neonatal mortality. RESULTS In this population living in 168 villages, there has been a significant declining trend in infant and(More)
High maternal mortality in India, particularly across empowered action group (EAG) states, is a critical policy concern. This paper discusses the trends and patterns in reduction in maternal mortality in India, and focuses on highlighting interand intra-state disparities. We find that the trends in the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) for the past two decades(More)
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