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Appropriate and timely cervical remodeling is key for successful birth. Premature cervical opening can result in preterm birth which occurs in 12.5% of pregnancies. Research focused on the mechanisms of term and preterm cervical remodeling is essential to prevent prematurity. This review highlights recent findings that better define molecular processes(More)
We use second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy to assess changes in collagen structure of murine cervix during cervical remodeling of normal pregnancy and in a preterm birth model. Visual inspection of SHG images revealed substantial changes in collagen morphology throughout normal gestation. SHG images collected in both the forward and backward(More)
This paper presents an image processing system for detecting mouse preterm labor using Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) microscopy images. Two classes of SHG images are considered: normal pregnant cervix and premature cervical remodeling induced by Mifepristone. Among the commonly used texture features in image processing, wavelet-based texture features(More)
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