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In a large-scale cloud computing environment the cloud data centers and end users are geographically distributed across the globe. The biggest challenge for cloud data centers is how to handle and service the millions of requests that are arriving very frequently from end users efficiently and correctly. In cloud computing, load balancing is required to(More)
Component based software system approach is concerned with the system development by integrating components. The component based software construction primarily focuses on the view that software systems can be built up in modular fashion. The modular design is a logical collection of several independent developed components that are assembled with well(More)
Cloud computing is a provider of dynamic services which offers readily elastic on demand computing resources as per the customer's request in economical way. As there are a lot of requests fabricated by cloud users which are processed by the accessible resources, there exists a need for better and effective scheduling mechanism for efficient allocation of(More)
Large energy hungry datacenters are increasing at an alarming rate, making energy management as one of the key design constraints for the cloud datacenters. Energy consumption in cloud datacenters can be reduced by employing VM consolidation technique which is the process of packing VMs on the least number of servers and VM consolidation uses VM migration(More)
The usage of smart phones is increasing rapidly over the last few years. Due to their mobility and good connectivity, smartphones are increasing thrice as compared to PCs. However they are still constrained by limited processing power, memory and Battery. Thus, the applications cannot be made very rich. In this paper we propose a framework for making the(More)
Parallel and distributed computing has been entered into the era of cloud computing which provides highly scalable computational power and remote location data storage with secure, fast and in cost effective way. So it has captured the attention of big IT giants for availing flexible, readily elastic and cost effective economical IT operations. Cloud(More)
A focused crawler is a web crawler which returns relevant web pages on a given topic in traversing the web. In order to determine topical relevancy, focused crawler use different classification schemes. We propose a novel method of predicting the relevancy of links in topic specific search. In this paper we focus on classification of links using decision(More)
Cloud Computing is a hot topic of research for the researchers these days. With the rapid growth of Internet technology cloud computing have become main source of computing for small as well big IT companies. In the cloud computing milieu the cloud data centers and the users of the cloud-computing are globally situated, therefore it is a big challenge for(More)