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Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is the most sensitive imaging modality for solid pancreatic lesions. The specificity, however, is low (about 75%). It can be increased to 100% with an accuracy of 95% by the addition of fine-needle aspiration (FNA). Cytopathology plays an important role. The final diagnosis is based upon the correlation of clinical, EUS, and(More)
Cesarean scar pregnancies (CSPs) are a relatively rare form of ectopic pregnancy in which the embryo is implanted within the fibrous scar of a previous cesarean section. A greater number of cases of CSPs are currently being reported as the rates of cesarean section are increasing globally and as detection of scar pregnancy has improved with use of(More)
T he most common primary tumor of the liver is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), also known as hepatoma. 1 There are several risk factors for developing hepatoma, such as chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection, cirrhosis, and carcinogens (ie, aflatoxin). 2 The incidence of HCC, which is often a fatal disease, is on the rise in developed nations, including(More)
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