Mala Ali Mapatano

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CONTEXT Homeless children are at risk of getting many diseases, including sexually transmitted infections (STI). The number of street children is on the rise in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), while very little is known about their health problems. OBJECTIVES To determine knowledge of HIV (transmission and prevention means), sexual activity,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify correlates of consistent condom use among commercial sex workers (CSW) over a four-week period. METHODS A total of 2638 CSW selected in all the provincial capital cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo using the time location sampling technique were interviewed to collect information on sociodemographic data, sexual history and(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns about the occurrence of disease among household members generally initiate treatment-seeking actions. This study aims to identify the various treatment-seeking options of patients in Lubumbashi, analyze their health-seeking behaviour, identify determinants for the use of formal care, and analyze direct health care expenditure. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To study prevalence, determinants, and complications at diagnosis of diabetes and intermediate hyperglycemia (IH) in Kisantu, a semirural town in Bas-Congo province, Democratic Republic of Congo. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A large-scale analytical cross-sectional population-based survey was performed in 2007 in Kisantu. After extensive(More)
A high dropout rate was noted at the under five clinic of the University of Kinshasa Teaching Hospital. A preliminary study carried out in March 1984 on 197 children indicated that none of them had completed the five year period of the growth monitoring programme. Five hundred mothers of children attending the under five year clinic were then randomly(More)
Hypertension remains a public health challenge worldwide. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, its prevalence has increased in the past three decades. Higher prevalence of poor blood pressure control and an increasing number of reported cases of complications due to hypertension have also been observed. It is well established that non-adherence to(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2003, a cross-sectional study was carried out in Kinshasa to determine the prevalence and to identify the correlates of the use of modern contraceptive methods among sexually active females. METHODS Five hundred females of childbearing age (15-49 years) who were selected through a stratified sampling procedure were interviewed with a(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the prevalence and risk markers of diabetes mellitus and intermediate hyperglycaemia (IH) in Kisantu, a semirural town in Bas-Congo province, The Democratic Republic of Congo. DESIGN A cross-sectional population-based survey. SETTINGS A modified WHO STEPwise strategy was used. Capillary glycaemia was measured for fasting plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Longitudinal studies describing incidence and natural course of malnutrition are scarce. Studies defining malnutrition clinically [moderate clinical malnutrition (McM) marasmus, kwashiorkor] rather than anthropometrically are rare. Our aim was to address incidence and course of malnutrition among pre-schoolers and to compare patterns and course(More)
The future of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo will depend on the behavior that teenagers and young adults are likely to adopt. Documenting teenagers and young adults behavior can help design effective interventions. The premarital sexual activity of 13,091 teenagers and young adults aged 15–24 years was examined. Logistic(More)