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A total of 402 Staphylococcus aureus isolates from bovine mastitis milk collected during 2003-2009 in Korea were tested for susceptibility to 20 antimicrobial agents. All S. aureus isolates were susceptible to 11 of 20 antimicrobials tested; no resistance was observed against pirlimycin, telithromycin, novobiocin, penicillin/novobiocin,(More)
To estimate the antimicrobial effect of p-hydroxyphenyl acrylate (H5) derivatives on the basis of their molecular structure, the hydroxy and acryl groups of p-hydroxyphenyl acrylate were modified. The antimicrobial activity of the resulting compounds was assessed against a Gram-positive bacterium (Staphylococcus aureus), a Gram-negative bacterium(More)
Phytotoxicity and cytotoxicity of 2,4-diaminotoluene (2,4-D), 4,4'-methylenedianiline (4,4-D), and 1,6-hexanediamine (1,6-D) were investigated by observing the germination of young radish seeds and the viability of HeLa cells, respectively. 2,4-D showed the highest, 4,4-D intermediate, and 1,6-D lowest cytotoxicity. However, the phytotoxicity decreased in(More)
A total of 1921 Escherichia coli isolated from healthy animals (501 from cattle, 832 from pigs, and 588 from chickens) and 237 isolates from diseased pigs were tested to determine the prevalence of apramycin and gentamicin resistance in Korea during 2004-2007. Apramycin/gentamicin resistances observed in healthy cattle, pigs, and chicken were 0.2%/0.6%,(More)
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