Maksymilian Bielecki

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Experience-induced plastic changes in the cerebral cortex are accompanied by alterations in excitatory and inhibitory transmission. Increased excitatory drive, necessary for plasticity, precedes the occurrence of plastic change, while decreased inhibitory signaling often facilitates plasticity. However, an increase of inhibitory interactions was noted in(More)
The purpose of this study was to present early results of talus cartilage defects treatment with autologous mesenchymal stem cells CD34+ implantation technique. Nine (9) patients were treated, due to IV degree chondromalation (by ICRS). The applied standard procedure included: clinical examination, AP and lateral x-ray, MRI, preoperative, as well as during(More)
Although the commercial availability and implementation of virtual reality interfaces has seen rapid growth in recent years, little research has been conducted on the potential for virtual reality to affect consumer behavior. One unaddressed issue is how our real world attitudes are affected when we have a virtual experience with the target of those(More)
In spite of the prevalence of frustration in everyday life, very few neuroimaging studies were focused on this emotional state. In the current study we aimed to examine effects of frustration on brain activity while performing a well-learned task in participants with low and high tolerance for arousal. Prior to the functional magnetic resonance imaging(More)
PURPOSE The study was undertaken to evaluate the recovery of rat skeletal muscles reinnervated by crossed direct nerve implantation and crossed neuromuscular pedicle graft. MATERIAL AND METHODS The animals (157) were divided into 3 groups. In the first group--direct nerve implantation --(DNI) 52 animals, the peroneal nerve was transected and implanted(More)
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