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Local conservation laws and the structure of the many-body localized states.
It is argued that the many-body localization can be used to protect coherence in the system by suppressing relaxation between eigenstates with different local integrals of motion.
Universal slow growth of entanglement in interacting strongly disordered systems.
This work shows that the logarithmic entanglement growth is a universal phenomenon characteristic of the many-body localized phase in any number of spatial dimensions, and reveals a broad hierarchy of dephasing time scales present in such a phase.
Quantum scarred eigenstates in a Rydberg atom chain: Entanglement, breakdown of thermalization, and stability to perturbations
Recent realization of a kinetically constrained chain of Rydberg atoms by Bernien et al., [Nature (London) 551, 579 (2017)] resulted in the observation of unusual revivals in the many-body quantum
Weak ergodicity breaking from quantum many-body scars
The thermodynamic description of many-particle systems rests on the assumption of ergodicity, the ability of a system to explore all allowed configurations in the phase space. Recent studies on
Colloquium : Many-body localization, thermalization, and entanglement
Thermalizing quantum systems are conventionallydescribed by statistical mechanics at equilib-rium. However, not all systems fall into this category, with many-body localization providinga generic
Analytically Solvable Renormalization Group for the Many-Body Localization Transition.
A two-parameter scaling theory for the many-body localization transition that falls into the Kosterlitz-Thouless universality class, with the MBL phase corresponding to a stable line of fixed points with multifractal behavior.
Thermoelectric transport signatures of Dirac composite fermions in the half-filled Landau level
The half filled Landau level is expected to be approximately particle-hole symmetric, which requires an extension of the Halperin-Lee-Read (HLR) theory of the compressible state observed at this
Paired chiral spin liquid with a Fermi surface in S=1 model on the triangular lattice
Motivated by recent experiments on Ba3NiSb2O9, we investigate possible quantum spin liquid ground states for spin S=1 Heisenberg models on the triangular lattice. We use Variational Monte Carlo
Criterion for Many-Body Localization-Delocalization Phase Transition
We propose a new approach to probing ergodicity and its breakdown in one-dimensional quantum many-body systems based on their response to a local perturbation. We study the distribution of matrix
Symmetry breaking and Landau quantization in topological crystalline insulators
In the recently discovered topological crystalline insulators SnTe and ${\mathrm{Pb}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Sn}}_{x}$(Te, Se), crystal symmetry and electronic topology intertwine to create