Maksym Morawski

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There is growing interest in using social networking sites such as Twitter to gather real-time data on the reactions and opinions of a region's population, including locations in the developing world where social media has played an important role in recent events, such as the 2011 Arab Spring. However, many interesting and important opinions and reactions(More)
In the paper we present the new method of multipath routing that supports the quality of service (QoS). The idea of the method is based on the well-known minimum delay routing principle [R. Gallager (1977)], but the routing problem considered in the paper applies to the most frequently encountered case of communication networks with the TCP-traffic(More)
The paper presents both algorithm and experiences of using a computer system to diagnose possible malfunctions of data acquisition devices using, a computationally simple, signal processing method, that process time-frequency disturbances of the signals and their, analytically unknown, dependencies. Results of over two years of experiences with more and(More)
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